About Pinyes

Pinyes is not only a manufacturer but also an exporter of pins. We devote our energy to the field of manufacturing of Badges, Pins, Medals… etc., and have endless passions for it.


Pinyes is a global player was founded in Taiwan in 1983 as a family company by Charles Kuo. With 200+ workers and 10K SF facilities, the business purpose was at first the contract manufacturing of Molds, Pins, Badges, Medals…. etc.

The range has been expanded rapidly to High-end promotional gift, OEM, PL from the first material all the way to the finished product dispatched to our customers.

Professional Production

Pinyes’s capabilities are versatile and synergistic, which allows the company to evolve to meet changing market needs, while also helping our customers capture new opportunities in dynamic industries.

Pinyes’s One-stop professional design team, production lines, consistent quality, on-time delivery, competitive prices, and remarkable after-sales service are Pinyes’s primary objectives.



We are continually striving to upgrade our services and facilities to meet our goal of providing our customer’s value and satisfaction with products that assure total performance.

Management Philosophy

We still want to maintain traditional craftsmanship and ensure stable quality. We believe that every craft can be a form of culture and beauty.

Customer Service

Pinyes have full understanding on the production line and characteristics of various metals. In addition, our perennially preventive methodology ensures the completion of each project.

We wish to focus on long-term customer relationships and sustainable growth. We want to thank again to our clients for years of trust and support that helped grow Pinyes.