Imitation Hard Enamel Challenge Coins

YMCA Youth & Government 60th Anniversary Challenge Coin

Mark 60 years of civic leadership with our YMCA Youth & Government Challenge Coin, a testament to democracy education and youth empowerment.


Celebrate six decades of inspiring young leaders with the "YMCA Youth & Government 60th Anniversary Challenge Coin." This gold-plated, hard enamel coin beautifully commemorates the program's commitment to teaching democracy and civic engagement to each generation.

On the front, the coin proudly displays "60th," marking the milestone anniversary against a backdrop of meaningful symbols like a steadfast bear and scales of justice. The inscription "YMCA Youth & Government, Democracy must be learned by each generation" encircles these images, reinforcing the program's mission.

The reverse side is equally captivating, featuring an American flag enamel background with "YMCA Youth & Government" below. The focal point is a striking depiction of a building labeled "California," embodying the spirit of patriotism and the importance of state-level civic involvement.

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