Imitation Hard Enamel Medals

WW1 German Repro Pour Le Mérite Blue Max Medal

The WW1 German Repro Pour Le Mérite Blue Max Medal is a prestigious reproduction symbolizing extraordinary personal achievement. It features gold plating and is attached to a ribbon.


Introducing our WW1 German Repro Pour Le Mérite Blue Max Medal, a symbol of extraordinary personal achievement and historical significance. Designed with bold precision, this medal is perfect for businesses seeking high-quality, custom-made reproductions of prestigious awards.

This reproduction of the Pour Le Mérite, commonly known as the Blue Max, the Kingdom of Prussia's highest order of merit, is coated in a thin layer of actual gold to resemble the original. Awarded during World War I and the interwar period, the Pour Le Mérite was given in recognition of extraordinary feats on the battlefield. Many of the most famous German military figures from the period were recipients, including the "Red Baron," Manfred von Richthofen.

Crafted from die casting zinc alloy, the medal features a one-sided 3D mold and imitation hard enamel coloring. The gold plating enhances the intricate details, while the attached ribbon completes the look.

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