WNBF Antique Nickel Bodybuilding Medal

The WNBF Antique Nickel Bodybuilding Medal, showcasing a remarkable lion heads design, is a symbol of the bravery, strength, and achievement in bodybuilding.


Celebrate Achievement with the WNBF Antique Nickel Bodybuilding Medal

Take your sporting event to the next level with the WNBF Antique Nickel Bodybuilding Medal - a symbol of dedication, strength, and triumph in the realm of natural bodybuilding.


This unique medal, associated with the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation, encapsulates the spirit of the sport. Its design boasts two outward-facing lion heads, representing the bravery and strength vital in bodybuilding. The central feature is the esteemed WNBF logo, encircled by the words "World Natural Bodybuilding Federation", "WNBF", and "ESTD.2022". This engraving reinforces the medal's identity and the prestige of the association.

Crafted through the die-casting of zinc alloy, the medal is both durable and long-lasting. Its dual plating of antique nickel and gold lends a rustic, visually captivating look, making the medal a desirable prize for athletes and a testament to their accomplishments. A ribbon attachment provides easy display and acknowledgement.

Whether you're honoring an exceptional performance or commemorating participation, the WNBF Antique Nickel Bodybuilding Medal is an apt tribute. Reach out to us today to bring a touch of distinction to your sporting event.