Flag Pins

USMC and US Flag Lapel Pin

USMC & US Flag Lapel Pin, stamped brass, hard enamel coloring, features intertwined flags & patriotic design.


This captivating lapel pin features a gold-plated intertwining of the United States flag and the United States Marine Corps flag, crafted with hard enamel and one-color printing.

The design exudes patriotism and pride, celebrating the valiant spirit of the Marine Corps. The Marine Corps flag is portrayed with a regal eagle, globe, and anchor emblem, symbolizing the Corps' dedication to defending the country's freedom. At the same time, the Stars and Stripes of the United States unfurl in all their glory. The entire design is crafted with precision and attention to detail, with rich colors and intricate details meticulously rendered to produce a visually stunning emblem.

The lapel pin perfectly showcases your patriotism and respect for the United States and the Marine Corps. It is an ideal accessory for veterans, active service members, and patriotic citizens who want to show their support for the military.

Contact us to inquire about customizing the lapel pin according to your specifications and to order in bulk for your organization or event.