Flag Pins

USA and France Flag Lapel Pin

Gold USA & France Flag Lapel Pin with Soft Enamel Coloring and Military Clutch. Baked enamel creates a stunning visual representation of unity.


Looking for a way to showcase your love for the USA and France? Look no further than our elegant USA and France Flag Lapel Pin. This gold-plated badge features two gallantly waving flags, showcasing a harmonious international camaraderie. The distinguished Stars and Stripes of the United States gracefully flutter on the left side, while the proud and emblematic Tricolore of France majestically unfurls on the right. The vivid colors are meticulously achieved through the use of baked enamel, creating a striking and sophisticated visual representation of unity. This lapel pin is perfect for showing your support for both countries, whether you're attending a diplomatic event or just looking to add a touch of international flair to your everyday wardrobe.

As a custom lapel pins vendor, we can also create bespoke designs to suit your needs. Contact us today to inquire about creating your own personalized lapel pins that reflect your unique style and personality.