Flag Pins

US Flag Heart Lapel Pin with Ribbon

US Flag Heart Lapel Pin with ribbon - gold-plated badge with flag and heart design, crafted with hard enamel, stamped iron, and military clutch.



This lapel pin features the distinguished Stars and Stripes of the United States elegantly unfurling and symbolizing national pride. In the lower-left corner, a charming yellow heart-shaped ribbon gracefully adorns the design, adding a touch of warmth and compassion.

Material and Process:

The pin is made using stamped iron, ensuring durability and longevity. The hard enamel coloring adds vividness and shines to the design. The gold plating gives it an opulent and luxurious look.


The pin comes with a military clutch attachment, making it easy to wear on clothing or accessories.


We specialize in custom pins and can work with you to design a unique lapel pin to fit your specific needs and preferences. Contact us today to inquire about creating your own custom pin design.