Soft Enamel Challenge Coins

United States Department of Defense Eagle Challenge Coin

Honor the dedication of the US Department of Defense with our eagle-emblazoned antique gold challenge coin, a symbol of strength and victory.


Celebrate the valor and commitment of the United States Department of Defense with our "United States Department of Defense Eagle Challenge Coin." Crafted with precision, this antique gold-plated coin is a testament to the military might and dedication of the US armed forces.

The coin's design features a dynamic depiction of an eagle with outstretched wings, clutching arrows, set against a background of radiant stars and stripes—symbolizing the strength and readiness of the military. The outer circle boasts a vibrant blue enamel with raised metal lettering, proudly stating "DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA," while a laurel wreath below the eagle signifies victory and honor.

Ideal for collectors, military personnel, or as a meaningful gift, this challenge coin embodies the spirit of American defense and patriotism. As a leading B2B manufacturer specializing in custom challenge and military coins, we offer bespoke designs that resonate with your values and mission. Partner with us to create a lasting tribute to the heroes who protect and serve our nation. Contact us today to discuss your custom coin project.