Soft Enamel Pins

Smiley face Christmas hat lapel pin

Cheerful smiley face lapel pin with semi-transparent red Christmas hat. Yellow face radiates happiness and warmth. Soft enamel with epoxy.


This charming lapel pin is a delightful addition to any holiday attire, spreading joy and cheer wherever it is worn.

The vivid red color of the semi-transparent Christmas hat is perfectly complemented by the sunny yellow of the smiley face, creating a captivating and cheerful design that will surely bring a smile to anyone's face. The soft enamel, epoxy coloring process, and gold plating provide a high-quality finish that will last years.


Whether you're looking for a festive accessory to wear during the holiday season or a fun and playful accessory to add to your collection, this smiley face Christmas hat lapel pin is a perfect choice.


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