Printing Pins

Rotating Gold-Tone Square Lapel Pin

Our B2B Rotating Gold-Tone Square Lapel Pin combines novelty with elegance, perfect for collections seeking unique and interactive designs.


Introduce the 'Rotating Gold-Tone Square Lapel Pin' to your B2B offerings, a blend of innovation and elegance, perfect for clients who value unique designs.

This lapel pin stands out with its square shape and a gold-tone central metal pointer that rotates, adding an interactive dimension. Its intricate engravings and vibrant green silk printing create a visually striking contrast against the gold-tone metal, making it a distinctive accessory.

Crafted from stamped brass and finished with silk printing, this pin is not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable. Its unique design elements showcase exceptional craftsmanship, ideal for those seeking novelty in accessories.

Ideal for innovative product lines, tech companies, or as a conversation starter, this lapel pin is sure to captivate. Contact us for custom manufacturing and bulk orders to include this dynamic pin in your product range.