National Clubs Gymnastics Carnival 2022 Custom Medal

The National Clubs Gymnastics Carnival 2022 Custom Medal is a prestigious award symbolizing athletic achievement. It features a gold finish, various sports images, and the event's logo, and comes with a blue ribbon.


Introducing our National Clubs Gymnastics Carnival 2022 Custom Medal, a symbol of athletic achievement and excellence. Designed with a narrative tone, this medal is perfect for businesses seeking high-quality, custom-made awards for sports competitions.

This gold-plated medal celebrates the spirit of gymnastics and athletic diversity. The outer ring is decorated with miniature images of various sports, each intricately detailed and carefully crafted. The center boldly displays the words "National Clubs Gymnastics Carnival 2022" alongside the event's logo, reinforcing the spirit of camaraderie, competition, and excellence.

The warm, rich tone of the gold plating signifies achievement and prestige, making this medal a prized possession for any athlete. Crafted from stamped brass, the medal features a one-sided 2D mold and soft enamel coloring. The gold plating enhances the intricate details, while the attached blue ribbon completes the look.


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