Prestigious Orthopaedic Research Society Gold Medal

The Orthopaedic Research Society Medal is a gold-plated, frosted finish award symbolizing the society's mission, values, and history. Ideal for recognition in the field of musculoskeletal research.


Introducing the Prestigious Orthopaedic Research Society Medal

This meticulously crafted medal is a symbol of honor associated with the Orthopaedic Research Society (ORS), a renowned organization committed to the progression of research for musculoskeletal conditions.


The medal's design is a testament to the society's rich history and core values. At its center, a tree stands tall, a universal emblem of growth, development, and interconnectedness. Above the tree, the inscription 'Founded 1954' proudly marks the year the ORS was established. Below, the words 'Research Education Communication' are etched, encapsulating the society's mission in a succinct yet powerful statement.


The medal's gold plating and frosted finish exude a sense of prestige, making it a coveted possession for any recipient. Whether it's an award for a specific accomplishment or a memento for society members, this medal holds significant value.


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