Imitation Hard Enamel Pins

Presidential Seal Lapel Pin

Presidential Seal Eagle Lapel Pin, stamped brass with hard enamel, genuine gold plating, military clutch attachment.


The presidential Seal Lapel Pin is a symbol of pride and honor, representing the United States of America. Crafted with precision and detail, this lapel pin features the iconic eagle shape of the Presidential Seal in a stunning genuine gold finish. The hard enamel coloring highlights the intricate details of the eagle and the red, navy blue, and Army green color detail adds a patriotic touch.

This lapel pin is made from stamped brass with a one-sided 2D mold, ensuring quality and durability. The Military clutch attachment keeps the pin secure on your lapel or jacket, making it a great addition to any outfit. Whether you're a collector of lapel pins or looking for a way to show your love for your country, the Presidential Seal Lapel Pin is a perfect choice.

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