Imitation Hard Enamel Pins

Pluto and Friends Lapel Pin

Add whimsy to your style with our Pluto and Friends Lapel Pins. Featuring Pluto with Chip and Dale, these pins showcase vibrant colors and an amusing design. Made from stamped brass and hard enamel, they're durable and eye-catching – perfect for Disney fans and collectors.


Bring a touch of fun to your lapel pin collection with our Pluto and Friends lapel pins! The adorable badge is shaped like Pluto's head, complete with his iconic green collar. Two of his mischievous squirrel friends, Chip and Dale, are featured in the design, one napping on Pluto's ear while the other leans against an acorn. Pluto himself is captured with an exasperated expression, rolling his eyes upward in amusement. The vibrant color palette includes shades of yellow, green, brown, and burgundy for Titi's nose.

Crafted with high-quality materials, our Pluto Lapel Pins are made with stamped brass, one side 2D mold, and hard enamel coloring, ensuring durability and longevity. The pins are finished with sleek nickel plating and come with military clutch attachments for easy and secure wearing.

These Pluto and Friends Lapel Pin is perfect for Disney lovers, collectors, or anyone wanting to add playful flair to their outfits. Contact us today to inquire about customizing your own lapel pins!