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Pink Mirror Lapel Pin

Custom pink mirror lapel pin, adorned with green leaves and "pretty girl" inscription, offers elegance and playfulness in a charming design.


Enchanting Design

Our custom Pink Mirror Lapel Pin exudes elegance and playfulness, making it the perfect accessory for businesses seeking a touch of whimsy. This charming pink-framed mirror is adorned with green leaves along the edges and features the words "pretty girl" inscribed at the center.

Delightful Craftsmanship

Expertly crafted from die-casting zinc alloy with a one-sided 2D mold, this lapel pin showcases a faux cloisonné finish and a printed design. Plated with sleek black nickel, the pin's vibrant colors and exquisite details are truly captivating.

Imitation Hard Enamel & Printing

The product is carefully colored using imitation hard enamel and printing techniques, ensuring a smooth and polished finish. The combination of enamel and printing creates a visually appealing design that is both durable and stylish.

Secure Attachment

Our Whimsical Pink Mirror Lapel Pin includes a military clutch x 1 attachment, allowing for secure and comfortable fastening to a variety of items, from clothing to bags, without sacrificing style.

Custom Lapel Pins for Your Business

At Pinyes, we excel in creating bespoke lapel pins tailored to your unique needs. Inquire today about crafting your perfect custom pin to showcase your brand's distinct identity.