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Patriotic Pentagonal Rhinestone Badge

Our B2B Patriotic Pentagonal Rhinestone Badge combines style and patriotism, making it a perfect addition to any collector's range or as a fashionable accessory.


Presenting our 'Patriotic Pentagonal Rhinestone Badge,' a distinctively designed piece perfect for B2B clients. This nickel-plated badge, shaped in a unique pentagon, is adorned with red, white, and blue faux diamonds, embodying patriotism with a stylish twist. Ideal for collectors, patriotic events, or as a fashionable accessory in your product range, this badge captures attention with its gleaming stones and exceptional design. Crafted from die-cast zinc alloy and beautifully accented with rhinestones, it's a premium choice for your clientele. Enhance your offerings with this eye-catching badge. Contact us for custom manufacturing and bulk orders.