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Patriotic National Debt Lapel Pin

Patriotic National Debt Lapel Pin featuring symbolic design, meaningful inscriptions, and poignant illustration, evoking unity, strength, and sacrifice.


Symbolic Design

Our Patriotic National Debt Lapel Pin features an eye-catching, oval-shaped design with stars on each side of the ellipse, symbolizing unity and strength. The rich copper hue adds to the pin's striking appearance.

Meaningful Inscriptions

Inscribed across the top are the words "THIS NATIONAL DEBT," while the bottom reads "CAN NEVER BE REPAID," highlighting the unquantifiable value of patriotism and the sacrifices made by individuals for their country.


Poignant Illustration

At the center of the badge, an illustration depicts a person clad in white attire, passing the American flag to another individual. This signifies the transfer of responsibility and a call to action for future generations to uphold and cherish the nation's values.


Quality Materials & Process

Our Patriotic National Debt Lapel Pin is made from stamped iron with a one-sided 2D mold, featuring imitation hard enamel coloring and UV printing for vibrant, detailed imagery. The pin is plated with copper, adding a touch of elegance to its design.


Secure Attachment

Each lapel pin includes a military clutch x 1 attachment for secure and comfortable fastening to various items, without compromising on style.


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