Soft Enamel Challenge Coins

NY Police Department Valor & Protection Challenge Coin

Honor NYPD's bravery with our 'NY Police Department Valor & Protection Challenge Coin,' a tribute to heroism and divine guidance.


Introducing the "NY Police Department Valor & Protection Challenge Coin," a masterfully crafted piece that embodies the spirit of courage and guardianship. This dual-plated brass and nickel coin boasts an exquisite design, blending the iconic American flag's colors with the prestigious emblem of the City of New York Police. It's a symbol of unwavering patriotism and the valorous deeds of those who ensure the city's safety.

The coin's central feature is the NYPD badge, meticulously detailed and surrounded by soft enamel coloring, accentuating its significance. Below the badge, a golden cherub symbolizes divine protection, offering peace and guidance to the brave officers it honors. This challenge coin serves not just as a collectible but as a homage to the dedication and heroism of the New York Police Department.

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