Imitation Hard Enamel Medals

New York/Ontario Shrine Association Vice President Custom Medal

The New York/Ontario Shrine Association Vice President Custom Medal is a unique award symbolizing fraternity and recognition. It features gold plating, interconnected design, and a central focus on the Shrine Association.


Presenting our New York/Ontario Shrine Association Vice President Custom Medal, a symbol of esteemed recognition and fraternity. This meticulously crafted medal is an excellent choice for organizations seeking unique, high-quality awards for their members.

This composite medal, made up of three parts, is a testament to the importance of roles and relationships within the organization. The primary medal, circular in shape, features a radiant design resembling sun rays, suggesting positivity and accomplishment. At its center, a hat and a Canadian maple leaf are displayed, possibly signifying a specific role or organization tied to Canada. Three stars, arranged diagonally, encapsulate these images, possibly denoting a level of achievement or status.


The outer edge of the medal is inscribed with "NEW YORK / ONTARIO ★ SHRINE ASSOCIATION," indicating its association with this fraternal organization. On either side of the main medal, small circular gold-plated tags are connected through a link, one inscribed with "VICE PRESIDENT," indicating the role or status of the individual who would wear or receive this medal.


Crafted from stamped brass, the medal features a one-sided 3D mold and imitation hard enamel coloring. The gold plating accentuates the intricate details, making it a standout piece of regalia.

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