Die Casting Pins

Millwrights Local 2232 Union Vintage Lapel Pin

Our B2B Millwrights Local 2232 Union Vintage Lapel Pin is an elegant emblem of union pride and heritage, ideal for commemorating workforce solidarity.


Introduce the 'Millwrights Local 2232 Union Vintage Lapel Pin' to your B2B portfolio, a symbol of craftsmanship and unity. This pin, featuring a distinguished black horse atop a nickel base and a golden canopy with 'MILLWRIGHTS LOCAL 2232 HOUSTON, TX,' epitomizes the solidarity of Millwrights Local 2232. Made with diecast zinc alloy, soft enamel, printing text, and sandblast finishing, this pin is an elegant tribute to the skilled workers of this union. Perfect for union events, member recognition, or historical memorabilia.

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