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Michael Collins Easter Rising Centenary Commemorative Challenge Coin

Celebrate Irish history with the Michael Collins Easter Rising Centenary Coin, a tribute to a hero's legacy and a nation's fight for independence.


Honor the enduring spirit of Irish independence with our Michael Collins Easter Rising Centenary Commemorative Challenge Coin. This meticulously crafted coin pays homage to General Michael Collins, a key figure in Ireland's quest for freedom.

The obverse proudly presents a detailed portrait of Collins, set against the timeless luster of antique copper, accompanied by his name and the span of his life, "1890-1922." This representation captures the essence of Collins' leadership and dedication.

On the reverse, the coin commemorates the Easter Rising of 1916, marking a century with the inscription "EASTER RISING CENTENARY 1916-2016." At its heart stands an iconic building, symbolizing the foundational role of political leadership in Ireland's history.

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