Soft Enamel Challenge Coins

Miami County 150th Anniversary Dual-Plated Sheriff's Coin

The Miami County 150th Anniversary Dual-Plated Sheriff's Coin is a distinguished collectible that honors the legacy and service of the Miami County Sheriff's Office with its unique design featuring dual plating and multiple sheriff badges set against an American flag backdrop


Honoring Dedication and Service
Celebrate 150 years of unwavering duty and honor with the Miami County 150th Anniversary Dual-Plated Sheriff's Coin. This coin captures the spirit of the Miami County Sheriff's Office through its intricate design, featuring a backdrop of the American flag and three distinct sheriff badges symbolizing the office's evolution. The upper and lower rims of the coin proudly display the inscriptions "DUTY HONOR" and "SERVICE," reinforcing the core values of law enforcement. This commemorative piece is ideal for honoring past and present members of the sheriff's office and serves as a testament to their dedication to community safety.

Exceptional Quality and Craftsmanship
This challenge coin is expertly crafted from die-cast zinc alloy and showcases dual plating in gold and nickel, offering a striking contrast. The badges feature soft enamel coloring within the 4C spectrum, highlighting the detailed inscriptions and emblems, including the notable dates and county identifiers. Partner with us to customize such coins for your agency or organization, ensuring each piece reflects your unique heritage and commitment.

A Legacy of Law Enforcement Excellence
As much a piece of art as a token of appreciation, this challenge coin serves as a powerful symbol of 150 years of service by the Miami County Sheriff's Office. It is designed not only for collectors but also as a significant award during service recognitions, anniversaries, or as part of official sheriff's department gear.