Soft Enamel Pins

Majestic Gold-Plated Eagle Emblem

Our B2B Majestic Gold-Plated Eagle Emblem symbolizes strength and freedom, making it a powerful addition to wildlife and nature-themed collections.


Introducing the 'Majestic Gold-Plated Eagle Emblem,' a symbol of freedom and resilience, perfectly suited for B2B clients with a focus on wildlife and nature themes.

This emblem features a meticulously crafted eagle perched on a branch, displaying its magnificent plumage in shades of brown with striking white accents. The eagle, a powerful bird of prey, represents strength and independence. Our design brings out the intricate details of its appearance, capturing the essence of this iconic creature.

Crafted from stamped iron with soft enamel and epoxy coloring, the emblem is finished with a luxurious gold plating. This combination of materials and craftsmanship ensures both visual appeal and durability.

Ideal for nature reserves, wildlife organizations, or as a symbol of corporate strength, this emblem is a striking addition to any collection. Contact us for custom manufacturing and bulk orders to include this majestic eagle in your product lineup.