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Lennet Kann UV Printed Lapel Pins

Custom lapel pin featuring Lennet Kann, a traditional figure of Aachen, with 3D design, UV printed, and nickel plating.


This Lennet Kann Lapel Pin is a unique and eye-catching accessory that pays homage to an important traditional figure in Aachen. The badge features a 3D design with UV printing, allowing the printed colors to appear on the 3D edges and showcasing a gradient color effect.

The badge's design features a gentleman figure with his right palm facing upward and his left hand extended outward. In the bottom right corner, there is a yellow sign that reads "Lennet Kann 1844-1916." The border of the badge is blue, adding to the badge's overall aesthetic appeal.


Lennet Kann, born in Aachen in 1844, remains an important traditional figure in the city to this day. Despite growing up in poverty and being accustomed to begging for a living since childhood, Lennet Kann became a well-known personality in the city, especially among students who would often invite him and play harmless jokes on him. Over time, Kann acquired numerous carnival medals, which he wore proudly. He even attended many events, especially funerals, where he hoped to receive food. Despite his unusual appearance, Lennet Kann became a beloved figure in the city and continues to be celebrated through events and traditions to this day.


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