Imitation Hard Enamel Challenge Coins

Helena Police Department Commemorative Challenge Coin

Honor courage, pride, and respect with the Helena Police Department Commemorative Challenge Coin, a tribute to a legacy of service since 1877.


Celebrate the valor and dedication of the Helena Police Department with our Commemorative Challenge Coin. This meticulously designed coin embodies the spirit of service and commitment upheld by the department since its inception in 1877.

The obverse showcases the official badge of the Helena Police, set against a backdrop of rich blue imitation enamel, encircled by the proud namesake "City of Helena, Alabama." Dual plating in gold and nickel adds a distinguished finish, highlighting the emblem's intricate details.

On the reverse, the principles "COURAGE★PRIDE★RESPECT★" encircle a symbolic badge, reinforcing the values that guide the department's mission. The deep blue faux enamel complements the white background, creating a striking visual contrast that honors the legacy of Helena's finest.

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