Soft Enamel Pins

Hamburger Hinge Lapel Pin

Make a statement with our Hamburger Hinge Lapel Pin, masterfully crafted in die-cast zinc alloy. This playful, high-quality pin is customizable and perfect for any occasion.


Unique Hinge Design

Discover the charm of our Hamburger Hinge Lapel Pin, a delightful accessory that stands out with its innovative design. Crafted as a two-piece hinge pin, it features an anthropomorphic hamburger character. The upper section portrays a playful face with mischievous eyes and sharp, white teeth, set amidst a whimsical lettuce "hair" with onion powder highlights. The lower section completes this engaging burger image, adding a unique and fun element to the design.

Premium Quality Material

This lapel pin is made from high-quality die-cast zinc alloy, offering both strength and a premium feel. The use of this material ensures that the pin is not only durable but also has a refined and polished look. The colors are vividly represented through top-notch soft enamel, adding depth and vibrancy to the pin. Enhanced with blackened electroplating, this pin achieves a sophisticated aesthetic.


Versatile and Easy to Wear

The Hamburger Hinge Lapel Pin is a versatile accessory, ideal for adding a dash of playfulness to any attire, whether casual or formal. Its easy-to-use military clutch attachment makes it a hassle-free addition to jackets, shirts, or hats.

Customization Available

We cater to a range of customization options to suit your preferences. From varying colors and finishes to different attachment styles, we ensure that your lapel pin aligns perfectly with your personal or brand identity. Our team is dedicated to creating a lapel pin that distinctly represents your style.


Inquire for Custom Designs

As specialists in crafting high-quality custom lapel pins, we are committed to delivering exceptional products and services. Whether for individual style or corporate branding, our expertise in using die-cast zinc alloy sets us apart. Contact us to discuss your custom lapel pin requirements and make a memorable statement.