Soft Enamel Challenge Coins

Guardians of the City 3D Challenge Coin

The Guardians of the City 3D Challenge Coin is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, featuring detailed engravings and 3D reliefs that celebrate the spirit of emergency management and executive protection. Crafted from antique gold-plated zinc alloy, this coin serves as a symbol of commitment and preparedness, perfect for both recognition and collection.


Intricate Design and Symbolic Artistry
The Guardians of the City 3D Challenge Coin showcases exceptional detail and symbolism, perfect for recognizing the dedication of emergency management and executive protection teams. The obverse side features a stunning 3D relief of a laurel wreath, an eagle, a Native American, and a detailed cityscape, encapsulated within the inspiring Latin inscription "Sigillum, Civitatis, Novi, Eboraci." This design honors the heritage and vigilance required in city protection and crisis management. Customize this coin for your agency or department to celebrate significant milestones or as a part of annual recognition programs.

Superior Materials and Craftsmanship
Constructed from high-quality die-cast zinc alloy and finished with an antique gold plating, this coin is both visually impressive and durable. The soft enamel coloring adds depth and vibrancy to the design, making each detail stand out. Whether used for official ceremonies or as part of a commemorative collection, these coins are crafted to meet the exact needs of B2B clients looking for exceptional promotional products.

A Symbol of Commitment and Preparedness
The reverse side of the coin features a complex geometric design centered around the Statue of Liberty’s profile, symbolizing freedom and resilience. This side also includes the inscription "Commissioner Executive Protection Section," highlighting the critical role of leadership in maintaining safety and order. This coin is an ideal tool for fostering a sense of unity and pride amongst team members and can be personalized to reflect specific roles and achievements within your organization.