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Great Catch Winner Rectangular Lapel Pin

The 'Great Catch Winner Rectangular Lapel Pin' in our B2B range celebrates achievement with its bold design, ideal for awards and recognition.


Discover our 'Great Catch Winner Rectangular Lapel Pin,' an embodiment of success and achievement designed for B2B clients who value recognition and motivation.

This lapel pin features a clean white background with bold green lettering stating 'GREAT CATCH WINNER.' Its rectangular shape and striking design make it an ideal symbol for celebrating significant goals or milestones. The white and green color scheme adds a vibrant and energetic touch, echoing the excitement of achievement.

Made from stamped iron with silk printing and nickel plating, this pin combines durability with a sleek, modern aesthetic. It's a perfect choice for corporate awards, motivational events, or as a personal token of accomplishment.

Perfect for award ceremonies, employee recognition, or as an inspirational gift, this lapel pin celebrates the spirit of winning. Contact us for custom manufacturing and bulk orders to include this motivational pin in your offerings.