Police Badges

Gold-Plated Presidential Inauguration Police Badge

This Presidential Inauguration Police Badge features a 3D eagle, American flags, and is a symbol of authority, pride, and unity. Customize your badge with us.


A Testament to Tradition: The Presidential Inauguration Police Badge

This Presidential Inauguration Police Badge is more than just an accessory. It's a symbol of authority, a beacon of pride, and a testament to the momentous occasion it represents. The badge is thoughtfully designed, featuring a harmonious blend of various textures that further accentuate its elegance and splendor.

At the heart of this oval-shaped badge, a majestic 3D eagle gracefully clutches a billowing American flag in each talon. The flags, crafted from intricately detailed faux enamel, create an elegant contrast to the metallic sheen of the badge. This exquisite badge is truly a testament to the momentous occasion it represents, capturing the essence of pride and unity in a single, stunning piece of art.

The badge is a beacon of national pride, with the phrases "United States of America" and "Presidential Inauguration" prominently displayed. It's a symbol of the commitment and dedication of the police force, and a tribute to their service during this significant event.

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