Soft Enamel Pins

Gold-Plated Ivory Butterfly Lapel Pin

The Gold-Plated Ivory Butterfly Lapel Pin is an emblem of elegance and natural beauty, perfect for thematic B2B collections and gifts.


Discover our 'Gold-Plated Ivory Butterfly Lapel Pin,' a perfect blend of nature's beauty and elegance, tailored for B2B clients focusing on nature-themed lapel pin collections

This lapel pin features an ivory butterfly, its wings accented with black spots against a white background, symbolizing transformation and nature's balance. The gold plating adds sophistication to the pin.

Crafted with precision from stamped iron and adorned with soft enamel and epoxy, this lapel pin is not only visually striking but also durable.

Ideal for environmentally focused organizations or as unique gifts, this butterfly lapel pin enhances any collection. Contact us for custom manufacturing and bulk orders.