Pilot Badges

Gold-Plated Custom Aviator Badge with SAS Emblem

This gold-plated custom aviator badge, featuring a vibrant SAS emblem, is a symbol of authority, unity, and resilience for those who soar in the skies.


A Symbol of Skyward Aspirations: The Gold-Plated Custom Aviator Badge

This custom aviator badge is more than just an accessory; it's a symbol of authority, unity, and resilience. Rendered beautifully in a gold-plated finish, the badge represents a pilot's badge, adorned with wings that stretch out horizontally, exuding an air of confidence.

At the heart of the wings rests a circle, a symbol of unity and infinity. This circular core of the badge holds within it the vibrant emblem of "SAS", rendered in rich blue and lively orange colors. The method of coloring, known as imitation hard enamel, lends a glossy and enduring finish to the badge, ensuring its vibrant colors and glossy finish even after prolonged use.

This gold-plated pilot's badge, with its strong horizontal lines and vibrant emblem, is a remarkable symbol of the courage and determination of those who soar in the skies. Inquire about our custom aviator badges today and let us help you create a unique symbol of your skyward aspirations.