Police Badges

Gold and Nickel Plated Custom Two-Tone Police Badge

Our Custom Two-Tone Police Badge is a gold-plated symbol of authority and tradition, representing the long-standing service of the Lawton Police Department.


Experience the Prestige with Our Custom Two-Tone Police Badge

Our Custom Two-Tone Police Badge is a symbol of authority, tradition, and commitment. This gold-plated badge, adorned with antique nickel elements, is a tribute to the long-standing service tradition of the Lawton Police Department. The top ribbon segment, displaying the word 'CHIEF', signifies the importance and high rank of the badge bearer. The central bell, with the phrase 'since 1901' embossed beneath it, represents a long-standing tradition of service.

The badge also features a distinctive, alternating discharge sand base that adds texture and depth to the design. This badge is not just an accessory; it's a testament to the spirit of service, a nod to the bravery of those who protect and serve, and a beacon of aspiration for those who dream to follow in their footsteps.

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