Die Casting Pins

Festive American Flag Christmas Tree Badge

Our B2B Festive American Flag Christmas Tree Badge combines holiday cheer with a patriotic twist, ideal for seasonal collections and events.


Introducing our 'Festive American Flag Christmas Tree Badge,' a unique blend of patriotic and holiday themes, perfect for B2B clients. This badge captures the essence of the festive season with a creative American flag design in a Christmas tree shape.

The badge boasts a stunning translucent enamel finish, with colors transitioning from blue at the apex to red and white stripes. Adorning the top are five stars enhanced with sparkling cubic zirconia gems, adding a touch of elegance.

Further embellishments include dazzling cubic zirconia gems in the white sections, elevating the festive appeal. Crafted from die-cast zinc alloy with epoxy enamel and nickel plating, this badge is not only visually appealing but also durable.

Perfect for holiday events, retail, or as corporate gifts, this badge adds a festive touch to any collection. Contact us for custom manufacturing and bulk orders to include this exquisite piece in your product lineup.