Challenge Coins

Eighth Field Army R.O.C Antique Bronze Challenge Coin

Honor valor and tradition with the 'Eighth Field Army R.O.C Antique Bronze Challenge Coin,' a tribute to military excellence and unity.


Discover the profound legacy of the Eighth Field Army R.O.C with our meticulously designed "Eighth Field Army R.O.C Antique Bronze Challenge Coin." This coin, finished in rich antique gold, showcases a double-sided 3D design, evoking the texture of worn leather and the resolute spirit of the soldiers it honors.

The obverse features a detailed half-portrait of a soldier, surrounded by the inscription "THE EIGHTH FIELD ARMY R.O.C" and "干城部隊," reflecting the unit's prestigious heritage. The reverse side is adorned with the core values of "FAITHFULNESS PRECISION" and "SKILFULNESS SOLIDIFICATION UNION," alongside the emblematic shield with the flag of the Republic of China and a plum blossom, symbolizing strength and resilience.

As a B2B manufacturer specializing in custom challenge and military coins, we invite organizations, military units, and collectors to collaborate with us in creating meaningful commemoratives. Whether for ceremonies, collector series, or as a gesture of honor and remembrance, our challenge coins capture the essence of valor, unity, and dedication. Contact us today to discuss customization options and bring your tribute to life.