Imitation Hard Enamel Pins

Doodles NFT Pins

Doodles NFT pins with hard enamel, 2D design, black nickel plating, and rainbow vomit. Perfect for Web 3 promotion.


Introducing our Doodles NFT Pins, the perfect addition to any Web 3 promotional merchandise collection. These pins feature a fun and playful doodle head logo, complete with a rainbow puke design that will catch the eye.

Crafted using stamped brass and finished with hard enamel coloring, these pins are durable and built to last. The black nickel plating adds a sleek and modern touch, making these pins truly stand out.


With five vibrant colors, these pins will make a statement and spark joy in anyone who wears them. Each pin comes with a black rubber clutch attachment for secure and easy wearing.


Take advantage of this fun and unique addition to your collection. Contact us today to inquire about custom pins for your brand or event.