Customizable Trolley Coin Keychain with Nickel Finish

Elevate your brand with our 'Customizable Trolley Coin Keychain,' the perfect promotional tool for supermarkets and brand awareness campaigns.


Introducing the "Customizable Trolley Coin Keychain with Nickel Finish," an essential accessory for the European market. Designed to mimic the size of a Euro coin, this keychain is perfect for use in supermarket trolleys and other coin-operated machines, combining functionality with convenience.

The keychain features a nickel-plated coin and a matching nickel-colored split ring, ensuring durability and a sleek appearance. The centerpiece of this keychain is its customizable logo, which utilizes a flat printed sticker to achieve a photo-like effect. This allows for a wide range of designs, from corporate logos to custom graphics, making it an excellent promotional tool for businesses aiming to increase brand visibility.

We specialize in B2B manufacturing of custom keychains tailored to your promotional needs. Our trolley coin keychain is not just a practical item; it's a portable billboard for your brand. Partner with us to create keychains that resonate with your target audience and leave a lasting impression. Contact us today for custom designs and bulk manufacturing options.