Custom WNBF Antique Gold Bodybuilding Medal

The WNBF Antique Gold Bodybuilding Medal, featuring lion heads and the WNBF logo, is a symbol of strength and achievement in natural bodybuilding.


Unleash the Power of Achievement with Our Custom Bodybuilding Medals

Presenting our WNBF Antique Gold Bodybuilding Medal, a symbol of strength, courage, and extraordinary achievement in the world of natural bodybuilding. This medal, associated with the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF), is a testament to the dedication, hard work, and commitment of bodybuilders.

The medal showcases a unique design featuring two outward-facing lion heads, symbolizing strength and courage. The center of the medal proudly displays the WNBF logo, a well-recognized emblem in the world of natural bodybuilding. The antique gold finish lends the medal a prestigious appearance, making it a coveted token for athletes.

Our custom bodybuilding medals are not just awards; they are a recognition of the relentless pursuit of excellence. They celebrate the spirit of bodybuilding, honoring the athletes' commitment to their sport.

Create Your Legacy with Our Custom Medals

At Pinyes, we specialize in creating custom medals that tell a story. Whether it's for a bodybuilding competition, a sports event, or a corporate award, we craft each medal with precision and care. Contact us today to create your custom bodybuilding medals.