Police Badges

Custom Police Badge - A Testament to Pride, Unity, Courage, and Commitment

Our Custom Police Badge is a symbol of pride, unity, courage, and commitment, meticulously crafted to represent your department's values. Inquire about our custom pins today.


Experience the extraordinary craftsmanship of our Custom Police Badge, a testament to the pride, unity, courage, and commitment inherent in the role of a law enforcement officer. This nickel-plated badge, meticulously created using six distinct molds, offers a sturdy and professional appeal.

At the top, a golden ribbon proudly proclaims the bearer's position as a "Police Officer." Below this, an intersecting enamel representation of two flags symbolizes the unity between local and national law enforcement bodies. The heart of the badge holds a circular emblem featuring inscriptions "St. Michael" and "Defenders of Freedom," symbolizing protection and courage.

Beneath this emblem, an antique gold ribbon features the inscription "Brotherhood of the Badge," signifying unity within the police force. The badge concludes with two lower ribbons bearing profound statements and the acronym "LEO," standing for Law Enforcement Officer.

This badge is more than an insignia; it's a symbol of service, authority, and community spirit. Inquire about our custom pins today and let us help you create a badge that truly represents your department's values and commitment.