Police Badges

Custom Nickel-Plated Police Badge for Law Enforcement

A custom nickel-plated police badge, symbolizing honor and commitment to progress. Features a laurel wreath design, the title 'Constable', and a building depicted in antique nickel finish.


A Testament to Tradition and Progress: The Custom Nickel-Plated Police Badge

This professional-grade, custom nickel-plated police badge is more than just an accessory. It's a symbol of honor, a testament to tradition, and a commitment to progress. The badge's perimeter is framed with a laurel wreath design, symbolizing victory and honor.

At the top, the title "Constable" is prominently inscribed, indicating the rank and authority of the badge's bearer. Below this title, a building is depicted in antique nickel finish, likely representing a significant local structure or the police headquarters itself.

The heart of the badge holds a circular emblem featuring an image of a torch-bearing hand. This symbol, often associated with enlightenment and guidance, aptly reflects the role of the police force in maintaining order and ensuring the safety of the community.

On either side of the central emblem, two Canadian flags are proudly displayed, symbolizing national allegiance and pride. The lower part of the badge celebrates a significant milestone in the department's history, marking a 100-year legacy of dedication and service to the community.

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