Die Casting Pins

Masonic Horseshoe Lapel Pin with Rhinestones

Elegant Masonic Horseshoe Lapel Pin with blue enamel and rhinestones, symbolizing Freemasonry pride. Perfect for organizations looking for high-quality, custom masonic accessories.


Discover the epitome of Masonic pride with our Masonic Horseshoe Lapel Pin. Meticulously crafted from die-cast Zinc Alloy and adorned with glittering rhinestones, this pin captures the essence of Freemasonry with its iconic logo and the timeless symbol of the horseshoe.

With soft enamel coloring accentuated by a brilliant gold plating, each detail from the square and compass to the revered "G" is highlighted in striking blue, embodying both elegance and deep Masonic tradition. This accessory is not just a pin; it's a statement of heritage, designed to be worn with pride.

At Pinyes, we specialize in B2B manufacturing of custom lapel pins that celebrate and honor the rich traditions of organizations like yours. We invite you to partner with us, leveraging our expertise to create lapel pins that perfectly capture your values and legacy. Let's craft a symbol of unity and pride that your members will wear with honor.