Military Challenge Coins

LAPD Dual-Plated Detective Challenge Coin

The LAPD Dual-Plated Detective Challenge Coin is a symbol of commitment and service, featuring intricate designs, dual plating, and meaningful inscriptions dedicated to the LAPD and its efforts in protecting children online. Ideal for law enforcement recognitions and commemorations.


Detailed Craftsmanship and Meaningful Design
The LAPD Dual-Plated Detective Challenge Coin captures the essence of dedication and honor in law enforcement. This beautifully crafted coin features a deep blue enamel rim, a dual-plated police badge, and the proud inscriptions of "Los Angeles Police Department" and "To Protect and To Serve." This coin is not only a collector's item but a symbol of the commitment of the LAPD, particularly in combating internet crimes against children. Customize this coin to celebrate the bravery and achievements of your department or unit.

High-Quality Materials and Finishing
Manufactured from stamped brass and finished with soft enamel, the coin boasts dual plating in gold and nickel, creating a striking visual contrast. The intricate details, from the badge's design to the American flag background on the reverse, highlight the craftsmanship involved in its creation. Partner with us to develop a series of challenge coins that reflect the spirit and professionalism of your organization, ensuring each piece is as exceptional as the individuals who receive them.

A Token of Honor and Professionalism
Each LAPD Dual-Plated Detective Challenge Coin serves as a distinguished token of recognition and professionalism within law enforcement circles. It is designed to honor those dedicated to "Protect and Serve," especially within specialized units like the Internet Crimes Against Children task force. Customize these coins for your annual events, award ceremonies, or as a part of your standard issue to exemplify excellence and unity.