Imitation Hard Enamel Pins

Coca-Cola lapel pin

Charming Coca-Cola lapel pin with pink enamel and anniversary inscription. Sophisticated design and attention to detail make it a perfect keepsake.


This exquisite Coca-Cola lapel pin is a delightful celebration of special moments and milestones. Featuring an intricately designed representation of the iconic Coca-Cola bottle, the elegant circle situated behind the bottle is adorned with the inscription "one year," making this lapel pin the perfect memento to commemorate a significant anniversary or milestone. The vibrant pink hue of the pin evokes a sense of playfulness and whimsy, adding a touch of joy and lightheartedness to any outfit.

Crafted with impeccable attention to detail, the hard enamel finish adds a striking visual element to the design. At the same time, the nickel plating imbues the lapel pin with an air of sophistication and elegance. The stamped iron process ensures the lapel pin is durable and long-lasting, while the one-sided 2D mold adds depth and texture to the intricate design.

Whether as a personal keepsake or a corporate gift, this stunning Coca-Cola lapel pin is the perfect way to celebrate life's special moments with a touch of style and flair. Inquire today to have your very own custom lapel pins created by our expert team.