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Celtic Cross Cultural Lapel Pin with INRI Inscription

Elevate your collection with our 'Celtic Cross Cultural Lapel Pin,' a symbol of faith and heritage, meticulously crafted for depth and significance.


Introducing our meticulously designed "Celtic Cross Cultural Lapel Pin with INRI Inscription," a harmonious blend of religious significance and cultural heritage. Crafted with precision from die-cast Zinc Alloy, this lapel pin features a central Celtic cross, detailed with an embossed texture and edged in a contrasting silver tone for a striking three-dimensional effect. The traditional "INRI" inscription above the figure of Jesus Christ adds a layer of Christian symbolism, while the surrounding ring of beads and interconnected Celtic knots celebrates the fusion of Christian and Celtic traditions. Finished in an antique nickel plating, this pin exudes a vintage aesthetic, making it a meaningful emblem of faith or a cherished piece of cultural identity.

Our B2B manufacturing service specializes in creating high-quality, custom lapel pins tailored to your specific needs. Whether for religious organizations, cultural events, or as unique accessories, partner with us to bring your vision to life. Embrace the depth of heritage and faith with this exquisite lapel pin.

Contact us to discuss custom manufacturing options and bulk orders, and let's craft a symbol that resonates with your values and traditions.