The development of hard enamel

Cloisonne could be categorized as hard enamel and imitation hard enamel. Imitation hard enamel is also known as soft cloisonné or synthetic cloisonné. Imitation hard enamel is adopted as the principal material in the present day.

Imitation hard enamel has a more competitive pricing. However, Customized imitation hard enamel is manufactured with epoxy resin color cream, in which it adopts pantone as its selection of colors. In terms of its quality and hue, it is highly comparable to hard enamel.

As an enamel pin manufacturer, we have the responsibility to let client understand, although both of their qualities and hues are very analogous, there is still a nuance. In that, unlike hard enamel, imitation hard enamel is less sturdy, and, to a lesser extent, its color is not perpetual.

Please see imitation hard enamel pins for more information on hard enamel.


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