Soft Enamel Challenge Coins

Carp Reservoir Project Commemorative Coin

The Carp Reservoir Project Commemorative Coin is a sophisticated memento crafted from matte gold-plated brass, celebrating the completion of the Carp Reservoir by the Taiwan Provincial Water Resources Bureau. It symbolizes achievement and collaboration in monumental engineering projects.


Celebrating Engineering Excellence
The Carp Reservoir Project Commemorative Coin honors the remarkable engineering feat of completing the Carp Reservoir. The coin's obverse beautifully depicts the intricate details of the reservoir, encapsulated by the Mandarin inscription "Completion of Carp Reservoir Project Commemoration" and "Respectfully Presented by the Director of Taiwan Provincial Water Resources Bureau" at the bottom. This coin is an ideal memento for stakeholders and teams who contributed to this landmark project, encapsulating their hard work and dedication.

Superior Craftsmanship and Materials
Crafted from high-quality stamped brass and finished with a matte gold plating, this challenge coin exudes sophistication and durability. Its design devoid of color highlights the gold's elegance, ensuring that each detail of the reservoir's depiction is pronounced and visually impactful. We specialize in creating bespoke commemorative coins that celebrate significant achievements and milestones for various industries and government sectors.

A Token of Achievement and Collaboration
This challenge coin is more than just a collectible; it is a symbol of successful collaboration and engineering prowess. It serves as a meaningful keepsake that can be used in corporate settings or governmental acknowledgments to recognize and celebrate the collective efforts of teams. Customize this coin for your next corporate milestone or government project completion to mark the occasion with distinction.