Flag Pins

Captain Dugan U.S. Navy Crossed Flags Emblem

Our B2B Captain Dugan U.S. Navy Crossed Flags Emblem symbolizes dedication to service, perfect for commemorating military achievements.


Introducing the 'Captain Dugan U.S. Navy Crossed Flags Emblem,' a symbol of honor and patriotism, perfect for B2B clients. This emblem unites the Stars and Stripes with the esteemed U.S. Navy flag, embodying national defense and maritime dedication. Below the flags, a ribbon honors Captain Ferdinand C. Dugan III, celebrating his distinguished naval service. Crafted from stamped brass with imitation hard enamel and gold plating, this emblem is an ideal commemorative piece for military organizations, veteran associations, or as a noble corporate gift. Enhance your product line with this emblem of courage and devotion.
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