A lapel or enamel pin, is a small pin worn on men’s clothing, and is attached with a bag, or displayed on a piece of fabric. It can be ornamental, and can also be used for embodying the wearer’s link with an organization or cause.

Lapel pins are highly popular, and now many lapel pin manufacturers introduce this tiny ornament in plenty of styles.  The right location for a lapel pin is the left side of a jacket or shirt near the heart.

Types of Lapel Pins

Flower Lapel Pins – This is the most popular style and is widely used at weddings, formal dinners, and racing events. These pins contain a texture blossom which adorns your suit lapel and is joined with a long pin that slides through-opening of your coat lapel.

Metal Lapel Pins The metal lapel pins involve metal emblems that are inclined to a long metal pin. They are ideal for flaunting your own remarkably in a wide exhibit of eccentric themes.

Boutonniere A boutonniere is a lapel pin that is made with living flowers. It is mostly found in Groom’s suit. These types of lapel pins are popular in the florist industry, while their availability depends on the season.

When to Wear a Lapel Pin?

Formal Events – lapel pins are ideal to wear on tuxedos, black formal, and customarily worn on the left lapel. Thus, they’re best to wear informal events. Weddings are also a formal event where floral pins are highly suitable

Business / Work Events – Lapel pins used to be worn in the work environment as a method for accomplishment for representatives or to flaunt affiliations. Although not, at this point a typical embellishment in present-day associations, lapel pins are still acceptably worn on ordinary workwear, for example, suits and covers.

Etiquette of Wearing Label Pins

There’s already been so much discussion, and debate on whether stick pin is supposed to visible from the front or not, is it necessary to get prominent on the front or not; the old-school method of attaching lapel pin was just to make sure that pin is securely hidden from plain sight and tucked behind the lapel.

But now as we use it to make a graceful fashion statement, it’s increasingly getting common to place the bottom of a pin at the lapel front. This gives a more contemporary and stylish look

Pursuing this, as the fashion trends keep on changing with time, thus, there comes no specific rule on how a lapel should be adjusted, where one’s personal choice will matter a lot. In fact, with changing fashion trends, the lapel pin manufacturer also determines which is the right time to introduce a new design.

Right Event to Wear a Lapel Pin!

It must be remembered that lapel pins usually go with formality. Hence, it won’t be sensible to use lapel pins while walking down the street: lapel pins marks the major difference between formal and casual wear

But yes, if you’re looking for a way to flaunt your style on a wedding occasion, then a lapel pin is the best way to consider. Lapel pins are rarely seen in the workplace. We didn’t find any such organization that asks to wear a lapel pin with formal wear

However, if you need to carry a component of character to your mid-week array, you can select to go for an inconspicuous metal lapel pin. This will mean your scrupulousness just as bring out inconspicuous character.