Antique Gold Nautical Medallion for Navy Commemoration

This Antique Gold Nautical Medallion, featuring unique nautical symbols, is a tribute to the United States Navy. Contact us for custom pins and medallions.


A Tribute to Naval Excellence: The Antique Gold Nautical Medallion
Crafted with precision, this Antique Gold Nautical Medallion serves as a tangible symbol of naval achievement and recognition. The medallion, featuring a unique nautical design, is a tribute to the rich history and values of the United States Navy.

The medallion showcases an imposing anchor, adorned with crossed swords, signifying strength and courage. The year "1893" is engraved on the anchor, adding a touch of historical significance. The inscription "NAVIFOR CPOA UNITY SERVICE NAVIGATION" represents the core values of unity, service, and navigation, essential in the Navy culture.

The medallion is made of die-casting zinc alloy, with a one-sided 3D mold. The antique gold plating lends a sense of vintage allure and prestige. This medallion is a meaningful keepsake and a remarkable tribute to naval excellence.

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