Antique Bronze Creation Museum Commemorative Badge

This antique bronze Creation Museum Commemorative Badge features a dinosaur skull fossil logo, symbolizing the museum's unique perspective on natural history.


A Tribute to History: The Creation Museum Commemorative Badge


This antique bronze curved badge is a tangible tribute to the esteemed Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. Established in 2007, the museum is dedicated to promoting a young-earth creationist perspective on the origins of the universe and life on Earth.


Our Creation Museum Commemorative Badge is a unique memento that encapsulates the museum's mission. The badge's central logo features a striking dinosaur skull fossil, symbolizing the museum's focus on presenting a different view of natural history. The badge's base showcases an electric discharge effect, adding an intriguing visual element to the design.


The badge is meticulously crafted with an antique bronze finish, giving it a vintage appeal. The curved design and substantial thickness of the badge offer a solid and premium feel in hand. This badge is not just a keepsake, but a piece of history that reflects the museum's dedication to its mission.

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