Soft Enamel Medals

Advanced Honors Arbor View Aggies Custom Academic Medal

The Advanced Honors Arbor View Aggies Custom Academic Medal is a prestigious award symbolizing academic excellence. It features a gold finish, a prominent emblem of academic symbols, and comes with a red ribbon.


Presenting our Advanced Honors Arbor View Aggies Custom Academic Medal, a symbol of prestige, honor, and academic excellence. Designed with professional precision, this medal is perfect for businesses seeking distinguished awards for academic achievement.

This circular medal exudes grandeur with its gleaming gold finish. The outer rim is adorned with intricate designs, adding sophistication. At the center, a prominent emblem combines a shield and a crown, each quadrant of the shield featuring a distinct symbol - a book, a lamp, a quill, and an open scroll, representing different facets of academic achievement. The crown signifies supremacy and victory.


The vibrant red enamel band encircling the central emblem creates a striking contrast, making the emblem stand out. The Latin phrase "A Posse Ad Esse", translating to "From Possibility to Actuality", is inscribed above the emblem, encapsulating the journey of hard work and accomplishment. The name "ARBOR VIEW AGGIES" is engraved at the bottom, likely representing the conferring institution.


Crafted from stamped brass, the medal features a one-sided 2D mold and soft enamel coloring. The antique nickel plating enhances the intricate details, while the attached red ribbon completes the look.

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